Find your ideal location in Bavaria

Bavaria is one of the strongest economic regions in Europe. The Free State of Bavaria enjoys an outstanding reputation globally as a high tech and service-oriented region.


For companies, choosing the right site is of critical importance. Location, transport connections, building laws, local taxes, price- a variety of factors- contribute to whether a particular site is ideal for a company’s operations.


Would you like to start a new company in Bavaria? Is your business relocating or expanding? Are you looking for a developed or undeveloped site in Bavaria? For all of this, you can use the Standortportal for Bavaria provided by the Chamber of Commerce!


Online Research with the Standortportal for Bavaria


  • Free research with up-to-date, reliable, and comprehensive data.
  • Quickly, easily, and reliably search for and find commercial properties as well as Technology and Start-up Centers.
  • View important regional and property information on our interactive map.
  • Conveniently review multiple properties using the comparison tool.
  • Detailed overviews with all property, economic, and regional data.
  • Information regarding local building law considerations and in-process development projects.
  • Qualified network of competent advisors and points of contact.
  • Between 7,000 to 10,000 users rely on Standortportal for Bavaria each month. Take of advantage of the benefits for yourself!


Individual Support and Advice for Companies and Investors


Using our internal inquiry management system, we offer a complete suite of advisory services for choosing a commercial site. We deliver quick, dependable site proposals for starting, relocating, or expanding your business.


This allows you to organize your search simply and conveniently: After an in-person or phone consultation, your site consultants from the Bavarian Chambers of Commerce and Invest in Bavaria in cooperation with local trade and development officials will provide you with a list of suitable pre-selected sites. Through this support, you quickly receive a transparent, easy-to-compare overview of suitable properties including professional property profiles and other relevant information.


We work together with you as your primary contact throughout the entire search process and leverage our cutting-edge communication processes to activate our networks for you. Both you and your company will benefit from our quick responsiveness.