Online Company Data Viewable on the Map

As of July 8, 2016, company data provided by the Chamber of Commerce is also viewable on the map search tool found on the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce’s website, IHK Standortportal for Bavaria.


At the county, regional, and state levels, the company data is presented on pie charts color-coded by sector, and includes all Chamber of Commerce members.


When zoomed into the local, town, and city level, companies listed in the commercial register are displayed as individual points. The number in parentheses next to each category in the filter indicates the number of matches on the visible map pane.


By clicking on an individual point, the user can view the company name, legal form, sector, and address.


At any time, you have the ability to block your data from inclusion in all Chamber of Commerce services (Online Company Database, national address service, Standortportal Bayern). To do so, please contact your corresponding Chamber of Commerce.