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The Community of Mintraching
With a surface area of 133 acres, the community of Mintraching consists of the formerly independent communities of Mintraching, Sengkofen, Moosham, Rosenhof and Mangolding as well as the township of Scheuer, which was detached from the community of Koefering. Mintraching is classified as a "small-scale central community".
In the various building zones in the community, especially young families have found new homes. A kindergarten, a day care center, an elementary school and a senior-citizens home are among the important public facilities. Another nursery school is in the planning stage. Basic care services are provided by a grocery store, a bakery and a butcher shop. Local clubs play an important role in public life and they offer diverse possibilities for recreational activities. Worthy of mention are also the swimming lakes in the near vicinity.
Mintraching lies about 10 miles southwest of the "high-level central city" of Regensburg and approx. 3 miles from the "low-grade central city" of Neutraubling. The community is connected to the supra-regional traffic network by means of state and county highways. These are federal highway 8 to the north (Regensburg – Straubing) and federal highway 15 to the south (Regensburg – Landshut). Moreover the community has a freeway access to freeway A3 (Nuremberg – Regensburg – Passau) at Rosenhof.
Because of this direct connection to the A3, the newly designated commercial and industrial park "Rosenhof Nord-West" is particularly of interest for company settlements, even for smaller handicraft enterprises. In the fully developed zone with an overall area of around 55 acres, approx. 14 acres of commercial properties are still available for purchase. Prices and further information are to be found on the community's homepage at


Company data

Industry 73
Einzelhandel 57
Großhandel 33
Verkehr und Logistik 10
Gastgewerbe 26
Dienstleistungen für Unternehmen 58
Dienstleistungen für Personen 62

Trade taxes

Trade tax factor 2015 320 To interactive map
Factor of land tax B 2015 320 To interactive map


Population 2015 4.791 To interactive map
Population 2014 4.791 To interactive map
In %   0 %  

Employees soc. security.

Beschäftigung 2015 2014 In %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in agr. & forestry 25 27 -7,41 %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in manuf. 608 605 0,5 %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in trade 291 277 5,05 %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in the service sector 175 140 25 %
Employees subject to soc. ins. in publ. & priv. service sectors 144 127 13,39 %
Total employees subject to social insurance 1.243 1.176 5,7 %
Commuter balance in persons (commuters in/commuters out) -897    

Transport Infrastructure

Freeway A 3 5 km
Highway B 15 und B 8 je 5 km
Int. Airport in Nürnberg 100 km


Hospital in Regensburg 10 km
Secondary School in Neutraubling 5 km
Vocational School in Regensburg 10 km
High School in Neutraubling 5 km
University in Uni und FH in Regensburg 10 km

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